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The best strategies for Standards in Neobux

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    This Strategy Guide will teach you how make real money with Neobux, without pay something. The only way not to win these PROFITS every day is to abandon this plan and turn off the battery.  At first you'll earn a few cents.  The name of the game is patience and persistent. To enroll in direct NEOBUX must wait 30 days and have 100 clicks.

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    My daily earning from Neobux is 60$. I spend 40 $ for renewal and recycle. I take home 20$s a day. I purchased a Voxwagon Polo car and I'm paying the EMI from Neobux profit only. Thanx Neobux!
    My Polo:


    Now, with this method, you don't need invest anything to make money. If you have money to invest, like $5, then You can invest and see faster results. 

    The KEY/key to keep making money on NeoBux is through referrals. It's simple ... if you don't have referrals, then you will not make money. 
    And so it's like you will get referrals in Neobux ... need to rent. 

    YES, you can rent referrals in NeoBux, making your own clicks and grow your earnings and then buying them for 25 cents each. 

    The Referrals are real people (NOT ROBOTS) and the cost is 25 cents a month each. Some will activate and not others. To "recycle" a non-active referral if one goes off, you have to pay $0.07 cents. It may seem a lot, but it's investment. If you do not recycle inactive referral, you could lose money.  

    Okay, let's start!

    Step 1:


    I will share with you some of the best strategies for recycling Standard accounts, I hope to help them with their administration and needless to say there is a better than another, it is a matter of taste which is best suited to your account.


    Tips jcb2008

    -. Standard account with 100 referrals can sustain renewed at least 90 days, of course making every effort to remove it afloat and not complain because they do not give our referrals clicks. -. 100 mentioned above is better renew 240 days, not only the price but you have much more time to recover. In a Standard in which only 50% of said any day that is added to the period of recovery is very useful is received, so I think that if they want to move from 100 referrals go preparing to renew 240 days. -. Recycling is not invariable, that is not only just read the strategies of other irlas but must be adapted to the changing rhythms of our referrals (This probably already know many). -. We must rely on Excel sheets, certainly since I started using leaves and schen2000 gu1llermo friend could see things clearer especially when recycled. -. And for me the key point in our career Neobux is the desire that we have to succeed here, if we really want to go far must be very hungry to do things well because if not you desanimarás very easily and end up leaving.


    Strategy A - Simple, inactivity and AVG

    It is to recycle rented referrals that fail to do their click and those with a low AVG, ie vague. For them we will recycle:
    - Referrals with 6 days without clicks
    - Referrals less AVG 1.2


    Strategy B - Up to 50 RR, medium complexity (Javier1957)

    MAIN RULES (applicable in the order that best results are obtained)
    1st) days of inactivity and AVG (applicable to referrals with a minimum of 15 days):
    a) inactive five days, with less than 1400 AVG b) 6 inactive days, with between 1,400 and 1,700 AVG c) inactive 7-9 days, with between 1,701 and 2,000 AVG d) allowing automatic recycling if at 9 days of inactivity, the AVG is greater than 2,000
    2nd) Time and AVG (dots applicable in the order they are)
    a) referred to 60 days and less than 1350 AVG b) referred to 45 days and less than 1300 AVG c) referred to 30 days and less than 1250 AVG d) referred to 15 days and less than 1200 AVG
    RULE SECONDARY (not applicable recycling manuals, in case the main rules require much use)
    3rd) Clicks and days of inactivity (applicable to referrals with less than 15 days)
    a) 5 days or automatic recycling, with 0 clicks b) 6 days, with 1-4 clicks c) 7-9 days with 5-12 clicks d) allowing automatic recycling if the age of 15 days, inactivity lead 9.
    Maximum monthly number of recycling = 75% of referrals (daily average 2.50%)
    - If you arrive at monthly maximum of recycling, you will need an average monthly AVG 1700, to recover investment purchases + recycling. If you can keep that AVG, and even if they will not achieve upload, your profit will come from savings in renovations, it is appropriate that, before making new purchases of referrals, renew those who have the greatest possible time.
    - If you recycle a monthly maximum of 50% of your referrals, the average monthly AVG will need to maintain, it is reduced to 1,567
    - Use only one purchase of referrals every 30 days, coinciding with the expiry of the previous package you have purchased. For example, if you buy referrals on June 18 not to make new purchases within 30 days, on July 18, after renewing those who already have the greatest possible time. The next purchase would touch August 17, the following September 16, the following October 16, etc ... and considers the month by those same periods described, for example to take account of your recycling. This will make you easier and management simpler your referrals that you're making new purchases for example every week, as the latter would have to be aware of 4 different expiry dates or renewal in the same month.


    Strategy C - Simple, inactivity and AVG (Paoroflores)

    - Referrals to 3 days with zero clicks (total)
    - Referrals with AVG 1.3 and less than 5 days of inactivity


    D strategy - Simple, inactivity and AVG (godandmoney2)

    - Referrals with more than three days without click with equal or less than 1.33 avg
    - Referrals with more than 5 days without click with equal or less than 1.5 avg
    - Referrals from 3 to 7 days without avg click with equal or greater than 1.8 ==> Extends to drop to 1.5
    - Recycling 1 or 2 day


    Strategy E - Simple, extended to 240 days (Colombianeobux)

    Referrals: 1. I have the current and coming due, I will extend to 240 days the maximum may have AVG 1.3 above. 2. When you already have the largest number of Referrals to 240 days, buy small packets and after trying one months acquired, extended to 240 days which have reached a higher AVG 1.3
    Recycling: 1. Recycle referred to 240 days extended down the AVG 1.0


    Strategy F - Media complexity (Rojo84)

    If a referral forget to click for 4 days, you will not think -inocentemente- went on vacation. We will assume that continue here could care less. so:
    1- without click Recycle Referrals for 4 or more days, with a lower average to 1.35 Come on, no brainer. reciclr many as needed. my previous analysis has shown me that if bad average and is absent for four days, is 80% to 100% sure not to return. in the early days using the strategy recycle as many as necessary, and last 6-7 days we will set a daily limit; in my case with the number 205 is two daily (1 extra when neopoints allow me ls)
    2- Recycle referrals without clicking for 5 days, with a lower average 1.4 This is a more demanding step Part 1 and only use it if candidates have not option 1, this point is optional, intuitively decide whether or not to apply
    3- A good half referrals from autoreciclaje leave (after 14 days without the changes you click neobux free) Yes. This means consuming profits that goodly we have given so far. but instead of using 7 cents to recycle this type of referrals, better we use one that requires more, as candidates for Option 1 and 2. Moreover, it is likely that these sometimes referred back


    Strategy G - Simple (TIENSHI)

    Set to 1.3 and 1.8 avg Why 1.3? The price of that is 20 cents 20/30 days = 0.6667 The referral clicks as standard member = $ 0.005 Therefore, it is necessary (6667 / 0.005) 1.3333 daily clicks
    If an RR does your clicks in 5 days, or there is a sporadic activity one day if three days there, the recycle to within 5 days and payment using the Point, this way of working does not mean it is the key Each person must see how to apply this process, however the advantage is that you do not use the money in your balance recovered (it may not have enough points)


    Strategy H - Media comlejidad (riestrapapo)

    - Never let him die any RR
    My rules Renewal:
    All RR to be renewed as long as possible, reaching 240 days when possible.
    My guidelines Recycling:
    Recycling Weekly, on Thursdays. all RR
    - Zero Clickerz: Automatic Recycling
    - Be recycled RR not reach 11 weekly hits, 22 Fortnightly, Monthly 44 (after the first renewal down to 10, 20 and 40)
    - The first recycling compliance will be made when any week in which the REAL AVG is less than 1,400
    - RR will be recycled to lower their clicks until you reach 11 Weekly,
    - Be recycled RR not reach 4 Days Weekly activity (last option and as long as there is profit or irregular)


    Strategy I - High complexity, use of flags, 100 RR (aloleone)

    For this strategy to be effective minimally necessary to have 50-60 referrals, although it is at 100 when you can get better results.
    The idea is this: 1. Rent referrals (that's obvious, hehe). 2. Wait a week. At the end of which referred to classify based on the placement of your flag. 3. Stay with stable or with climbing. Send to the lions! those who they fall.
    The estimated AVG is normal in such cases referral $ 0.20 / 30 days / $ 0.005 = 1.33 referral click. So I placed the rod AVG 1.3 the first mark and the second 1.8. That is from the refs AVG 1.8. will green.
    The idea of ​​the flags of developing the term as follows:
    If these refs appear yellow or red flags among green then. They have risen a lot and have been very active give them the blue flag to distinguish them and know that they come down.
    If there are green between the yellow, they have lowered the yield and are candidates for the Lions. On the contrary if red flags appear, these have increased and remain.
    If there are green, yellow or blue from red, candidates for the Lions.


    Strategy J - High complexity, use of flags (laeficiencia)

    I have seen have some problems with their referrals on Neobux, and all have extended their hands as good friends that we are all, well, give them the recycling strategy that I use to manage my own and get an AVG of "9" (golden) and "1.8" (Standard) insurance!
    Well first I explain the actual operation of the referrals!
    Myth or Reality? Neobux referrals are giving Bots? The answer is NO, rented referrals that are 100% real people! But then as many may not make their clicks?
    OK ! that many factors must, 1. That some people think that millionaires will be made 4 clicks. 2. Lack of patience, to reach $ 0.6, if it's free? that despair? 3. Do not know how to use the product (although you may not believe XD) 4. Do not believe in it 5. Guilt external sales referrals.
    There are pages PTR (payment record) people paid from $ 5 to $ 15 per referral from someone stay as long as that person sells, lets to give your clicks.
    Rinse the points begin to manage ourselves:
    We must consider the following points to consider, Time, Clicks, AVG and colored flags
    This guide is based on referrals from 30 days of life, some renew more days, but is only recommended for referrals that are already loyal to the bone page 1 in 200 then:
    A referral to the 40 clicks recovers its investment 40Clics / 30Days = AVG 1.3
    Then every 10 days should have the following clicks: 1-10 = More than 17 clicks Hands 10-20 = More than 34 Clicks = "1.13" 20-30 = 48 or 52 clicks = "1.6 1.72"
    Obviously there are concerned that a few days and have more than 20 clicks this is only an extreme likelihood that your clicks are slow to give referrals.
    The flags that we use are:
    Referrals good Rosa flag Regular referred Verde flag Referrals Bad Red flag Referrals Golden Orange flag Referrals for recycling Black Flag Referrals for second chance blue flag
    Terms of recycling:
    1 - That the tenth day does not exceed the aforementioned 17 clicks.
    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full size image.
    As you can already see them put their flag previously, then candidates recycling are the aforementioned 7 8.9 and it is not disputed did not reach more than 17 clicks in 10 days, will have to be monitored at 1 and 6, and in excellent conditions, referred 2 and 5, there will also be to take care of 3 and 4
    You must be careful that although they are close to the 17 clicks as recited 8. has 4 days without clicks .. entonce although in its tenth day of 20 clicks .. their days without clicking descompensaran everything, and security has not come back to them, SECT is yours if you live or die XD!
    2 - A 6 Dias referred without click AVG less than "2.0"
    This applies as a rule 1, if you have a new referral and on the sixth day did not take a single click, of course not reached 17 to 10 ° unless their remaining 4 days make the 16 consecutive, here and check with your Black Flag and hurts a little that a good referred to as 10 fell to inactivity, I am considering leaving two more days waiting to wake up again!
    3 .- Starting on day 21 to 25 is not recycled is possible ganansias lets get to the 30th
    How do I gather my winnings?
    Grab as much of my referrals as above, and we can see a tutifruti of rules that can apply, but real ganansias are those above 1.6 AVG
    Why 1.6?
    1.3 is destined to recover investment, so you'll never lose! The 02 is intended for recycling and .01 go wrong if your cost for letting him die.
    Seems a long way to find really good referrals? All my referrals have AVG green above "2.0" and take more than 20 days,
    It is a task of great dedication but not impossible, we just have to do some math to achieve excellent results.
    At what point should we recycle?
    Remember our table AVG
    1-10 days = More than 17 clicks Unquestionably (Here we recycle 10th) 10-20 days = More than 34 Clicks = "1.13" (the 15th is recycled) 20 to 30 days = 48 or 52 clicks = "1.6 or 1.72" (AVG ideal or let expire)
    How not to abuse the recycling?
    We developed a technique that we just recycle 1 referred either in the 10th °, 15 ° or 20 ° When we buy is a referral can go wrong, but 2nd time is unforgivable.
    How many ?? and how to recycle ??
    If a referral does not give you click expected to Day 7 for recycling.
    It is easy ! I will help you ! As Technical Standard is as follows if you have to:
    3-20 referrals = 1 every 2 days 20-40 referrals = 2 every 2 days 40-70 referrals = 3 every 2 days 70-100 referrals = 4 every 2 Days
    100-140 referrals = 4 every 2 Days 140-200 referrals = 5 every 2 days 200-250 referrals = 7 every 3 days
    250-350 referrals = 7 every 3 days
    350-450 referrals = 10 every 3 days
    450-550 referrals = 11 every 3 days
    After 600 referrals are always 15 every 8 days!
    - If you had a bad run, and have for example 5 waiting, do not exceed more than recommended above and do not exceed more than you can recycle, not all is achieved for recycling, it is preferable that the good referred to cushion the account of a little to fall in lost, remember that this is a cycle in search of the best.
    - Those without clicks for more than 6 reciclalos days and those with a lower avg 1.2 reciclalos if not rise.


    Strategy K - High complexity, use of flags (guillen87)

    Well decided to implement the system of flags according to my understanding of the aforementioned activity is divided into 6 different categories:
    They are concerned that are approved or have not been classified as having activity and never getting to 5 days of inactivity and to maintain a positive avg.
    They are concerned that begin to give less than 4 clicks are also concerned that have more than 5 days without clicks and that its avg not you dare to recycle.
    3.RED FLAG
    They are classified as red warning signal or because it is in view of becoming recycled or experiencing downtime in the past or referred to more than 8 days without clicks and less than 1.8 avg.
    These are referred to have been selected to be recycled by being new and having five or more days without clicking another case is that already once been inactive and reenters winless click or single or simply not giving income it is declining.
    This flag is used to select the referrals you will die as they passed through the orange filter and red and not enough days to make recycling valued and classified and error is renewed and then having to recycle i recycle only those more than 15 days.
    PS: notice that the majority of referrals black flag your AVG is well above its avg necessary and do not generate losses since 44 click your income and his death is paid and the rest are profits aside as use the self checkout need lower avg 1.33 So I do not renew their classification as I get better to let them die to renew and expected to improve.
    These are referred to give of 9-10 clicks or that are surprisingly active or have enough clicks more than 30 days and more than 2 avg.
    Renewals 30 days the use referred only blue flag and orange only giving 4 and 3 more clicks and avg of 2 with more than 30 days of renewal for another 30 days to see if they are profitable.
    After the restoration of 30 days is when I think of renewing 240 days so focus renewals only in worthwhile and not wasting time on referrals that look good are some times you can renew directly to 240 days as is the If my aforementioned golden in 150 days has nearly 1000 clicks.
    Well I thought it would be easier to explain this way and notice that some users used the Honesty looking not renew more than 15 and 30 days 15 days just to get the Honesty and not so as these renewed without discount for a days off.
    Each rented week but I can not before without renewed or recycled to the good or bad referrals because as I let die many referrals do not worry so much renovations of all because when they are 5 days to expiration of renewal or leave until the last day if not convinced me so far.


    Strategy L - Media complexity (gash4cash)

    AutoPay: Disabled Renewal: It depends, but usually 90 days or more. Recycling: I'm always looking for some option and implementing a theory ... for now I follow a process similar to the following:
    Standard stage
    Establish a limit order to find the best referrals tested under the same circumstances, this limit is 36 clicks and AVG 1.2, because as Standard found that many arrived without difficulty relating to the number of clicks but not always AVG met. Thereafter, if a referral reaches 36 clicks but does not meet your AVG, then it is a candidate for recycling (not recycled instantly, but is one step from the fire) If the majority of referrals have come from the same pack at 36 clicks and have passed the AVG, then the remaining referrals (who had the same time as those who do not succeed) are candidates for recycling even if they have not met the 36 clicks If most referrals the same pack have failed to reach the 36 clicks, I renew the pack to as long as possible (90 days, for example) to immediately recycle the worst and eventually to phase out those still in level inactivity and inefficiency Finally, there are times that collect inactive, so I leave it to a group of 4 or 5 for the autoreciclaje, for my direct and I can cover those absences To the above, I add a dose of flexibility, because you never know when circumstances may change.


    Strategy M - Simple, 50 RR (ElGranTigre)

    Recycling every 7 days of inactivity, without exception. Not help overcome any referral, if anything recycling and then renewal. I renew my balance allows maximum xD. Less than 1.6 will be considered a bad referral. (Lowering 1.59 will go into "observation"). More than 2.5 will be considered a good referral. Between 1.61 and 2.49 is acceptable, but should improve.


    Strategy N - Simple (johnny040)

    Recycling: - Those with a lower avg to 0.900, after 2 days of inactivity - Those who have a avg between 0.900 and 1.333, after five days of inactivity - Those tengasn more than 1,333 avg, after 7 days of inactivity
    Ideally Do not recycle more than% 5 of your referrals per day.


    Strategy O - Media complexity (Josephapq)

    Recycling process and renewal:
    1. Always keep the main balance the amount needed to renew at least the next group of 3 to 90 days and referred through Aprizes produce, own clicks and mini jobs the amount of $ 0.60 for the rental of a new group 3 referred up to the amount of 30 referrals
    2. Understand the behavior of said through Neobux Referrals Handy Manager program and determine when to actually be recycled. So I determined:
    2.1 A new referral that has not clicked in 3 days maximum 5 must be recycled 2.2 A referral that has less than 15 days and takes seven days without clicking with an average between 1.3 and 1.8 should be recycled 2.3 A referral that has an average of over 1.8 with 10 days without clicks must be recycled 2.4 A which is referred to expire (over 15 days) and have an average below 1.3 and evaluating their behavior in the worst case car is left for recycling 2.5 Never let die a referral, always renewed 90 days and in the worst case the system automatically self-recycle.

    Strategy P - Low complexity (marcelosistosg)

    Recycling (recycling Points): AVG -Referidos with less than 1,333 and 5 days without clicks = RECYCLE -Referidos More 1333 and 6 days AVG no clicks = RECYCLE
    Renovation: -Renovar To 15 days, since that is what the strategy of the foam. (Click Auto-payment) -When You reach the limit of 240 days Standard renew.


    Strategy Q - Media complexity (pgg777)

    Rent 3 or 5 rr every 15 days (provided this larger rate never days or packages) to be regulating by little and thus has 240 days to renew with the same money balance.
    A look that you get a certain amount of rr q you will see will begin to give money for renovations without you having to invest or make mini-jobs.
    240dias Renovas to the rr that after the first month finished with an average of 1.4 or more, unless you let this expire.
    If you rented for first time when the first 10 days you see some rr is 1.3 or less avg recycle it and you put a flag, so when you finish your time see:
    - If you end up with a smaller 1.5 avg leave it to expire
    - If you end up with a higher or equal to 1.5 avg then the renovas (always 240 days). and after the 240 days they wear a flag of another color, so that the distinguis of rent for the first, and when they reach 0.93 avg less then what the recycle recently.
    Never recicles by inactivity, all the money will never fill our expectations of activity.
    Do not expect to join the Golden rr to buy, if you can purchase it because as Golden your click count double.
    At a time when rr and you start generating enough to renew the already tapeworms, you'll start to overrun even some that you can use for Golden.


    Strategy R - Low complexity, to 50RR (saulruiz)

    Every week I'm renovating a group of 3 referrals and renting a pack of 3 referrals more, always trying to keep the amount necessary to recycle, renovate and rent as many times as necessary and when warranted when my principal balance.
    With regard to recycling:
    • Referrals to seven days of inactivity and average less than 1,333 should be recycled, if your average is higher, give him two more days.
    • Referrals to six days of inactivity from the time of purchase must be recycled.
    • At the end of each month referred to retrain over 45 days with me having an average of less than 1.3, here take into account certain aspects as has been constant in recent days.