Not Rent Referrals Without Plan??

Why not to rent referrals without planning? 

As we know Neobux is a system in which it is necessary to rent referrals (when not depend exclusively on direct referrals or mini-jobs). Rent is not a simple task, but it deserves premeditation to achieve growth without danger of collapse.
If we make a capital investment, we can gain expected by us quickly, otherwise (zero investment), will take longer to reach the goal we have set. Believe that you can achieve the goal of winning a lot of money in a few months without an investment is something unreasonable, therefore we must understand that anxiety is one of the worst enemies.
We usually associate "major gains" directly "greater amounts of rented referrals" which is true but what is important here is not the end if not the means. If we quickly reach large amounts dream and not entered capital to support us financially can end badly, because normally this we ignore the cost of our then referred to the first income (renovation and recycling). Therefore renting referrals should wear planning.

Growth without investment

You can choose a strategy that consists of buy referrals when they have money, meeting the minimum periods between rent arranged Neobux (7 days for Standard and Golden without pack). But it happens that rent continually have a problem: you use money that you have insurance on the balance Neobux, and raisins depend on the incoming money for future renovations. That incoming money can vary greatly (depending on AVG course), and when you get to the period of renovations, you have no capital to do so, or with luck, you will come near the limit.
At first it is tempting as it enough to continue renting win, but do not be fooled. At first (initial income) have a higher AVG lasting a month or more but always ends down to stabilize. So it is good to prepare for drought and predict the likely oscillations.
On the other hand increasing the number of referrals made more complicated administration (more complex recycling) therefore need increasingly AVGS lowest minima to ensure our BEP. And, having low minimum AVG implies that we must extend long term, for which we must give space between income because in those spaces among rents- we can raise the money demanded by the renovations.
Technically speaking, if rents uncontrollably, your account may fall into a financial bottleneck which begin to expire your referrals for failing to renew and everything will fall like a house of cards having to start from scratch and can be frustrating.


  • Play with renovations to medium term, and increased referrals that allows you to grow with ease (eg .: 60 or 90 days).
  • Not exceed 100 rented referrals without having them refurbished all 240 days, so we take the maximum discount.
  • Do not remove money or at most withdraw your net gain setting a future study. With over you decide whether to grow or extract money. It could also be a combination of both, grow and make minor but regular withdrawals ahead with the bill.
  • Activate AutoPay: being a payment per day, it is easier to track because after paying with AutoPay else is considered income and is not as heavy mass renew. Honesty has a 15% discount.
  • No renew 15 days, it is preferable to let die referrals and extend the best RR with longer maturities. If you do not want to let die RR activate AutoPay.
Something that may seem very attractive can turn into a nightmare when we realized we did not get to renovation costs in a month. So is a strategist and plans for the future.