All about Neobux balances
We can stun a little different balances or balances that Neobux offers to deposit money, so I share with you this guide to distiguir to each other, as well as the roles.
Nothing else when the cursor is on the Principal Balance (in the top bar of Neobux) you can see a table with some data (below) displays. It may be different if you Standard because for example I use my own Golden. But do not worry because you probably only see some data less.
Principal balance, rental balance and balance of golden package
All balances (other than Principal) have their own purpose, as discussed below.


What is a Principal Balance?
This balance (in English "Main Balance") is used to pay the costs associated with the aforementioned such as rent, renewal or AutoPay. It also serves to pay the costs of the manual Recycling and Memberships. This is also where the profits generated by your clicks and clicks from your referrals and commissions generated, swap Coins and mini-jobs are deposited. As advertisers we pay visualization packages from the Principal Balance. As we see we can use it for everything, yet we see that there are other auxiliary or secondary addition to the main "portfolios" where we can deposit money, as discussed below.
What happens when the Principal Balance turns green?
When it turns green means you can and collect the money, ie pass your Payment Processor. The minimum charge balance is initially $ 2 but note that each copper this minimum balance that will increase a dollar for every time you get paid, up to $ 10, since there is maintained.


What is the balance of rental?
The balance of rental is a different Neobux Principal Balance amount. Like the Principal Balance may be used to pay expenses associated with the administration of those (rental, renovation, Recycling, AutoPay, etc). However it can not be used for other purchases or be charged. Either can be used to renew the Golden membership.
How to spend the balance of the main account to hire?
Entering money through one of the Payment Processors or directly from your Principal Balance. You can do this by clicking on your username, then where is your account summary there is a "+" sign or blue eyelash off balance rental, or directly by clicking here: c / rba / .
Can you return the balance of the Principal Balance rental?
 The balance of rental can not return to the Main Balance, nor can send money from the Balance of Rental Payment Processors.
How to spend money serving the Outstanding Principal Balance of rental?
The rental balance is used mostly to go aside money for the costs associated with referrals and also when we make partial withdrawals, request payment when the entire principal balance is removed then had a partial rental not take full money. For example, if you want to charge $ 20 and $ 10, spend $ 10, keeping your referrals within the Balance of rent.
No longer Golden Will I lose the money that was in the Balance of rental?
The balance of rent should not "lost" to become Standard.
Is it only I have allowed to add up to $ d100 my balance Rental with Paypal?
The limit is every 24 hours, ie use today will leave $ 100 in 3 times and morning, after 24 hours, you enabled this again processor to invest. Membership as you go up the limit is higher.
Does the Outstanding Rental force?
You can leave there all the time you want it does not expire.
I go to my account and see that the amount he had in the Balance of rental is no longer
Self-renewal is paid from the Principal Balance Balance when no rent. But if you have rental balance is paid directly from it. Therefore it is deducted first from there.
Can you change the Coins for money in the Balance of rental?
No. The Coins are redeemable only by money from the Main Balance.


What is Balance Golden Pack?
This balance is used to buy, upgrade or renew a Golden Package, ie to climb Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond or Ultimate. This balance is like a savings for your Golden packages.
Does the Golden Pack Balance to buy or renew the Golden membership?
No, it's just to buy "PACKAGES Golden". Not the "Golden membership".
No longer Golden Will I lose the money that was in the balance Golden Pack?
Standard again when you stop just to see it (it is hidden), but still there, you would have to contact support to pass the funds to your Principal Balance.
I was wrong and I have entered the sum of money on the "Balance of Golden Package"
You must contact support NeoBux to see if we are lucky and can help with the problem:
Does expiry Golden Balance package?
There is a rule specifying expiration.
I do not see the option to buy a pack Golden
When you have enough money an option that lets you select the Golden Pack a drop down will appear.
Can you return the balance of the Principal Balance Golden Pack?
Not directly. You have to contact support.



What is the amount Received?
Well, nothing more and nothing less than the total money withdrawn to the Payment Processors.


What is Direct Shopping?
Direct Purchases are all purchases and transfers made from the Principal Balance. They are called "direct" because they save you work out the money and having to return it to enter. The external acquisitions were not reflected in the total direct purchases. Direct purchases could be the Rental Expenses, Renewal, AutoPay, Recycling, transfers to other balances, etc.


What is the amount earned?
Earned money Is the sum of the amount for the Principal Balance Received more money plus the value of Direct Purchases.
Balances Neobux


What balances appear in the forum?
Neobux Forum
Under the Principal Balance appears first forum Livestock and amount. Certainly it is not the screenshot of my avatar in the forum, I guess you already know that belongs to the statistics of "Magnet" ... having a great day!