Autorecycle NEW Referrals??

Some recommend leaving the Autorecycle Rented Referrals who did their clicks even once since they are rented Is this true? Does this apply also to refer recycled without clicks?  

We will try to solve these doubts.
This discussion was raised Neobux forum and commented by the user Blackrio who give us good answers as always. From his experience he would tell us:
"Usually the new RRs, always end up hitting before the Autorecycle the lead and then go on to have good activity for a while (about 10 days or more). This should apply to RRs to be obtained by:. An automatic recycling, income or manual recycling (in fact mostly applied to them) "

Speaking of profits

Nothing better than an example to clarify questions! Assuming a 100% recycling with initial rental:
Being Standard 40 clicks ($ 0.20 / $ 0,005) are needed to retrieve per referral, regardless recycling, but recycling adds another 14 clicks ($ 0.07 / 0.005), ie that recycle the AVG needed to recover is 1.8 (54 clicks / 30 days) (by recycling, the division of the 54 clicks is not within 30 days, but among fewer AVG and thus an even higher is needed to recover).
With a 100% recycling, in my experience, it is possible to have more than 1.8 AVG and stay for a while, however, look very hard at the end of the month that AVG is attained and more let alone one, since the effectiveness of recycling not only has to do with how you recycle referrals, but with how to distribute such recycling. I add on my part also has much to do fortunate that touch you good referrals.
Now, it is also true that we must take into account discounts, for example, renewal 90 days, this would be the result with a 100% recycling:
At least 33 clicks ($ 0,164 / $ 0,005) are needed per referral per month. If we add the other 14 recycling and 47 clicks per referral is needed, that's an AVG of 1.57 (47/30) approximation by excess, but we must also take into account, as the remaining days will (it is In other words, if a month has less than 30 days), so many clicks you need to recover.
So goes down the scale as we talk about a renewal over the long term. It also changes the thing with the Golden mambresía because up here is only spoken Standard Account.

Speaking of losses

In 14 days we would be losing RR -with who make no click-:
- Considering an AVG 2 pretty good: $ 0.005 * 14 days * 2AVG = $ 0.14
- But in practice, there always will be playing an RR that has an AVG of 2 or higher in 14 days, suppose an AVG 1: $ 0.005 * 14 days * 1AVG = $ 0.07
We see it's the same cost as recycling. From there comes the idea of ​​leaving the autoreciclaje: spend $ 0.07 and get it back in 14 days is the same as not having spent anything in 14 days.


Almost always the new RR take good activity if you leave for automatic recycling, they do usually by the tenth day ... but can also happen at the last minute ... well, it's also a matter of luck. We must take into account that recycling is always like throwing dice, luck always has to do.
Perhaps the risk is greatest with manual recycling, because in a simply left to earn income in the other did an expense in the hope of increasing the income above that.
Moreover, as provided by moderator material referrals coming through the auto recycling do with AVG less than those who enter by hand recycling:
"Every referral that comes to your mind by renting or manual recycling makes an average of at least 14 clicks in the last 6 days (because you're Golden). If it were up AutoReciclaje then you come with at least 10 clicks in the last five days. "
This does not mean that I get a referral by hand recycling is better than one that came by RA, as we said is just luck.


This rule automatic stop for those with 0 clicks, it seems to me an excellent way to manage these new referrals, precisely because in my experience the new almost always turn out to be good if given enough time ... another thing is the old referrals ... with them must not have patience.