Friday, November 15, 2013

Make $50 at Day using Free PTC NEOBUX

    You could make $50  $80 or $100 a Day with this Strategy Guide

    This Strategy Guide will teach you how make real money with Neobux, without pay something. The only way not to win these PROFITS every day is to abandon this plan and turn off the battery.  At first you'll earn a few cents.  The name of the game is patience and persistent. To enroll in direct NEOBUX must wait 30 days and have 100 clicks.

    YOU  COULD  MAKE   $226.88/DAY

    Now, with this method, you don't need invest anything to make money. If you have money to invest, like $5, then You can invest and see faster results. 

    The KEY/key to keep making money on NeoBux is through referrals. It's simple ... if you don't have referrals, then you will not make money. 
    And so it's like you will get referrals in Neobux ... need to rent. 

    YES, you can rent referrals in NeoBux, making your own clicks and grow your earnings and then buying them for 25 cents each. 

    The Referrals are real people (NOT ROBOTS) and the cost is 25 cents a month each. Some will activate and not others. To "recycle" a non-active referral if one goes off, you have to pay $0.07 cents. It may seem a lot, but it's investment. If you do not recycle inactive referral, you could lose money.  

    Okay, let's start!

    Step 1:

    THEN:  Start by doing clicks your ads every day. 
    You need to click at least 4 ads (gold ones) per day, BUT, I highly recommend CLICK ALL your Ads (Pink, Green and Gold) to advance QUICKLY... :)
    When you reach 75 cents by clicks warnings (if you have not invested money to buy your 3 or 10 referrals rented @ 25 cents each) now you're able to buy 3 referrals rents. BUT ... 


    Take a few days to win these 75 cents your own clicks. People are eager to buy your referrals as soon reach win in their accounts These 75 cents. 

    When people make purchases, they do not realize they do not have enough money to then KEEP their rented referrals and these referrals eventually they will lose by not having earnings required to pay their rents again every 30 days. 

    STEP 2: 
    Ok so before you rent referrals you must earn at least $ 3 per your own clicks (O can invest $5.00 to rent faster but that depends on you) and then transfer it this money to your income balance. 
    You taking $ 3, you now have $ 1 per referral and easily trained to recycle these if they do not are activated or you can pay to keep them another month. Take some time to reach these $ 3 for yourself, but this is the way to maintain your referrals and exchange those inactive for referrals assets without fear you can not pay for them each month. 

    STEP 3: 
    Once you have $3 in your Balance Rent, buy 3 referrals.

    STEP 4: 
    Remove the early money is a big problem for people that use NeoBux. 

    When you request a payment, this is INSTANTLY transferred to your account alertpay, paypal or your NETELLER account. 

    People to verify the legitimacy of neobux (Which is so) make click to earn your first dollar and then make cash. Woo-hoo! 
    Now you have ANY ONE DOLLAR your account Paypal. That dollar could also be transferred to the account to buy referrals. 

    With this strategy you must put $ 3 in your balance of income (rental balance) before purchase 3 referrals. So accumulates $ 1 per referral.
    DO NOT withdraw money from your balance until it reaches more of +1000 referrals. Keep income referred to in increments 3 (you can rent by higher increments later when those referrals that you will generate more Or if you like money then invest Might if you like the idea, investing $ 5 each time and buy 10 referrals, that's one way of increasing the growth rate and thus continued so until you have 500 referrals. 

    This will take some time. This is where most people falters or fails. This is where patience is required.
    When you get 500 referrals to buy referrals and keep the ones you already have. 
    Keep this work until you produce one approximately $ 100 and can use $ 90 of your balance to buy the upgrade to Golden. 

    Collect these $ 100 will not take long once you have 500 referrals and then to upgrading to golden your earnings will TWICE.
    This is a tremendous advantage. Golden costs $ 90 a year and instead of gaining half a cent you will win a dime for every ad seen by your referrals.
    Your winnings are doubled. That's all you have to do. 

    With your membership golden, now you must do click to a minimum of 9 ads per day. ==>> SURE YOU DO THIS, once you are golden member... 

    Keep renting new referrals after making upgrade to golden and do not withdraw money. Remember, no you must withdraw money until you have reached having about 2000 referrals. 

    But when you achieve these 2000 referred going be able to withdraw $ 50 a day. And this is the end of the strategy. 

    Also you could help your adventure Neobux get direct referrals, using your referral link. Please note:  you can Not promote your referral link until you spent 30 days in NeoBux.

    This administration has Neobux program well defined, with clear rules. 


    Neobux today Recycling Strategy 2015

    I have seen have some problems with your referrals on Neobux, and all have extended their hands as we are all good friends, well, they'll give recycling strategy that I use to manage my own and get an AVG of "9" (golden) and "1.8" (Standard) insurance!

    Well first I explain the actual performance of those!

    Myth or Reality? Neobux Referrals are giving Bots? The answer is NO, we rented referrals are 100% real people! But then how many might not do their clicks?

    Ok! that many factors must,
    1. That some people think that millionaires will be made 4 clicks.
    2. Lack of patience, to reach $ 0.6, if it's free? that desperate?
    3. Do not know how to use the page (if you can believe it XD)
    4. Do not believe in it
    5. Guilt external sales referrals.

    There are pages PTR (payment record) that pays people from $ 5 to $ 15 per referral from someone kept as long as that person sells, stop giving your clicks.

    Rinse the points begin to manage ourselves:

    We must consider the following points to consider, Time, Clicks, AVG and Colored flags

    This guide is based on referrals from 30 days of life, some renew more days, but is only recommended for referrals that are already loyal to page 1 in 200 bone then:
    A referral to the 40 clicks recovers its investment 40Clics / 30Days = AVG 1.3

    Then every 10 days must have the following clicks:
    1-10 = More than 17 clicks Hands
    10-20 = More than 34 Clicks = "1.13"
    20-30 = 48 or 52 clicks = "1.6 or 1.72"

    There are obviously concerned that a few days and have more than 20 clicks this is only an extreme likelihood that take time to give your referrals clicks. The flags that we use are: 
    • Referrals good Rosa flag Referrals Regular Green flag 
    • Referrals Bad Red flag 
    • Referrals Golden Orange flag 
    • Referrals to recycle Black Flag 
    • Referrals for second chance Blue Flag
    Terms of recycling: 1 - That the 10th day the referral does not exceed 17 clicks.

    As you can already see them put their banner above, then candidates recycling are, the aforementioned 7 8.9 since it is undisputed not reach more than 17 clicks in 10 days, we will have to be monitored at 1 and 6, and in excellent conditions referrals 2 and 5, there will also be to take care of 3 and 4 You must be careful that although they are about 17 clicks as recited 8. has 4 days without clicks .. then although in its tenth day of 20 clicks .. their days without clicking reduce all, and has no security to return to them, SECT is yours if you live or die XD! 2 - A referral with 6 Days without clicking with AVG less than "2.0"

    This applies as rule 1, if you have a new referral and sixth day did not give a single click, of course not reached 17 to 10 ° unless their remaining 4 days then 16 consecutive here and check with your black flag and hurts a little good referred to as 10 fell to inactivity, I'm considering leaving two more days waiting to wake up again! 3 .- Starting on day 21 to 25 is not recycled is left very possible profits until the 30th

    How to gather my profits? Grab as much of my referrals as above, and we can see a fructify of rules that can apply, but real profits are those above AVG 1.6 Why it 1.6? 1.3 is destined to recover investment, so you'll never lose! The .02 is destined for recycling and .01 bad if you leave your cost will let him die. Seems a long way to find really good referrals? All my referrals have AVG green above "2.0" and are more than 20 days, It is a task of great dedication but not impossible, we just do some math to achieve excellent results.

    At what point should we recycle? Recall our table AVG
    1-10 days = More than 17 clicks Hands (here we recycle 10th)
    10-20 days = More than 34 Clicks = "1.13" (the 15th is recycled)
    20 to 30 days = 48 or 52 clicks = "1.6 or 1.72" (AVG ideal or let expire) How not to abuse the recycling? We developed a technique that we just recycle 1 referred either in the 10th °, 15 ° or 20 ° When we bought is a referral can go wrong, but 2nd time is unforgivable.
    How Many ?? and how to recycle ??

    If a referral does not wait for the day you click 7th for recycling.
    It's easy! I'll help! As Standar is this technique if you have to:

    3-20 referrals = 1 every 2 days
    20-40 referrals = 2 every 2 days
    40-70 referrals = 3 every 2 days
    70-100 referrals = 4 every 2 Days

    100-140 referrals = 4 every 2 Days
    140-200 referrals = 5 every 2 Days
    200-250 referrals = 7 Every 3 Days


    250-350 referrals = 7 Every 3 Days

    350-450 referrals = 10 Every 3 Days

    450-550 referrals = 11 Every 3 Days

    After 600 referrals are 15 Each 8 Days forever! If you had a bad run, and have for example 5 waiting, do not exceed more than recommended above and do not exceed more than you can recycle, not everyone is reached to recycle, it is preferable that good referrals cushion the account a little to fall in lost, remember that this is a cycle in search of the best.

    According to the results you will make modifications to the guide, because still not perfect and remember that not all referrals are equal, so only use this guide at your own discretion!

    If I help or want to suggest something using the comment box! Thank You!